Wide string design

1. Bass effective chord length is longer about 10% than the same type of piano chord length,so that the tone and volume are more beautiful.

2. The vibration area of the sound board is larger.

3. The width of the general vertical piano is within 1500mm, while the KINGSBURG 123 series pianos can reach 1530mm and 133 series pianos reaches 1560mm.

4. It makes the bass of Kingsburg piano thicker, longer and more extraordinary.

Bridge matching technology

1. Make the pressure of each string column to bridge more accurate.

2. The singe solid wood bridge with high-quality maple wood from Chang Bai Mountain which could transfer the shock wave to soundboard effectively.

3. The above makes the sound of Kingsburg pianos more clearly and perfectly.

High strength back post and back beam

1. The thickness of back post and back beam reaches 60-70mm, and the width is 80-100mm.

2. This design makes the weight of Kingsburg piano 10-15% heavier than the normal same model pianos.

3. Fixed with the tenon for back post and back beam,which ensures Kingsburg pianos shape stable under strong string stretch.

Soundboard arched pressing and moulding technology by Klaus Fenner

1. Keep the soundboard under active condition, soft finger touch pulls out the soundboard resonance and shaking, it improves the tone and vibration effect.

2. This is the unique feature of Mr. Klaus Fenner’s technics design, different from other pianos and this special feature makes the soundboard more active and powerful.

3. This special design must be hand-made, more difficultly and accurately.