Historical Heritage
Brand History

The “Kingsburg” brand originated from the early stage of World War 2 in Germany. It has a century-old history. Based on the inheritance of 100 years of German traditional craftsmanship, it has injected the essence of life-long design and production craftsmanship of Mr. Klaus Fenner, and innovated contemporary Kingsburg “Colorful Timbre” piano brand...


Design Master

Mr. Klaus Fenner is a famous piano designer in the world, the chief designer of Germany Piano Manufacture association and the Authority in piano design theory and manufacture. About 30% pianos in the world are designed by Mr. Klaus Fenner, such as SEILER, PFEIFFER, SCHIMMER, IBACH and SAMICK, ect.. Adopting European style arched soundboard, his design is appraised as “The most effcient soundboard vibration” which could make the timbre and volume more flush.


In 1995, Mr. Klaus Fenner designed piano products for Yantai Kingsburg Piano Co., Ltd. for the first time. Over the next ten years, he has visited Yantai from Germany for many times, personally inspected the works designed by himself and provided the  technical guidance. Mr. Klaus Fenner designed 5 types and 7 models for Kingsburg, KF, KG and KU series of Kingsburg were carefully designed by him. He said, “Kingsburg piano company provides an opportunity to put all my energy, experience and knowledge into practice in one factory for 50 years. They fully support my point of view, which is my real feelings for the Kingsburg pianos, just like my own things and it’s a great honor to work with them. To my delight, the quality of the product has met my expectation. Even in the west, such an industry is rarely seen. Kingsburg piano is the best now and will be the best in the future. ”